Playing the pokies online using Paypal funds

Aussie & Kiwi punters wanting to play real money online pokies have many choices to fund & withdrawal securely from casino accounts but unfortunately PayPal at this point is not one of them, so sorry for the bad news in advance mate.

PayPal these days is accepted online by hundreds of thousands of merchants; but due to the restrictive rules & terms of service for online pokies wagering Australians & New Zealand gamers won’t be able to play at any gambling site with their PayPal funds. Maybe one day this will change for the better so check back here later & maybe we will have an update to share with you.

Paypal is more inclined to be utilized for pokies online within spots like the UK, where destinations are controlled locally by the company. Many alternatives to PayPal style web wallets are Skrill & Neteller which will allow you to fund & cash-out at online pokies sites. Personally I just use my credit card as the systems the pokies casinos use are 100% safe & secure anyway so you don’t need to worry.


If you did not know PayPal is an online e-wallet type bank that allows customers to store value in an online account & purchase online items or services or transfer money to other users or to their own bank account. NB High fees & poor exchange rates accompany most transactions if you use this service. It’s good for some transactions & also offers buyer safeguards if you are not happy with goods but this protection may not be covered for services or digital item sales online. Check the fine print!