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One of the best online pokie machine games to hit online casino scene is the Pearl River Quad Shot is produced by the Australian slot machine company Ainsworth. Not only is this game developer renowned for its fun games but they are also known for their high payouts and interesting game themes. Some of their well-known games include Mustang Money, Dragon Lines and China River pokies.

Pearl River Quad Shot Quick Start

  • Pearl River Quad Shot with 4 jackpots takes its theme from the fruitful Pearl River. Starting from the South China Sea, the Pearl River gives berth to numerous tributaries throughout China.
  • It essentially connects all of the rivers together within China’s borders. Its history is long and full of many enterprising businesses that have profited from the region’s wealthy bounty.
  • There is also a rich hunting history associated with the region dating back to the imperial age of China, which the game also alludes to.
  • The game includes tiles that picture the boats, dragonflies, pearl, shells and alluring lotus flowers associated with the rich Pearl River Delta. It also includes wild symbol tiles that boast a beautiful unknown goddess.

Game Play Summary

The game play of Pearl River Quad Shot allows players to build elements of their own booming economy. Using the traditional style of the 5-reel slot machine, each of the 3 lines within can be combined to win. There is also a 6th wheel that contains the Quad Shot symbol for bonus wins.

Players must win 5 of a kind plus the wheel to win the bonus. While it isn’t won very often, the bonus win is extremely large making it a tantalizing bonus. If your turn lands 3 of the pearl symbols, you will win 10 free games. Additionally, there is a money bag tile that multiplies the wild tiles.

This doesn’t trigger the bonus game like the 6th wheel win does but the win is exorbitant. The game has a total of 25 paylines resulting in a 94% or more RTP or return to player ratio.

The max bet is 25 credits which are pretty standard for slot machine games. There is also a demo version online where you can play the game for free to get a feel for spinning this classic online slot machine.

Final Summary

Pearl River Quad Shot isn’t a slot machine designed to just give players mindless win after win after win. Instead, the game is designed to be an intriguing experience with a high win ratio. Where some online slot machines give free bonus after free bonus, this game is designed to be simple but more fun to play. The bonuses will always have you trying to hit the next large jackpot, and although they take a few more spins it is worth the work.

The bonus and payout lines give enormous wins when the right lines are hit. This slot machine is full of extra features and is well designed when compared to its competitors. Pearl River Quad Shot players to experience classic slot machine play while still maintaining the high RTP that we all love.