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Gambling has always been prevalent in our society but over the years the means by which it occurs has greatly changed. Two decades ago, internet gambling was almost non-existent then fast forward to ten years ago where internet gambling dominated but mobile apps were non-existent.

Today, the number of people that gamble all over the world on their mobile devices is sky rocketing. Australia alone accounts for over $200 billion yearly in gambling which makes it the biggest betting country across all continents.

As the premise for gambling is evolving, bookmakers and casinos are also evolving in a bid to provide customers optimal betting conditions which is currently through websites and mobile apps. A review of our favourite betting brands and their apps are present below. These are the top 5 betting apps in our opinion.

Bet365 Mobile App – Rated # 1

This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The app can be easily downloaded from the Bet365 website, it redirects users to either the App Store or the Google Playstore on both iOS and Android devices respectively.

Navigation through the app is easy and as long you have an internet connection bets can be placed anytime. The app contains virtually all the website has and goes further to offer a more friendly user interface. The app has a ‘in-play’ tab that allows for live betting similar to the website and also comes in several languages to accommodate a large variety of individuals.

The app has a rating of 4 in the Appstore and 3 in the Playstore. Aesthetically speaking, the app is far from 5-star but it excels greatly in functionality. Personally BET365 is own own favourite bookie app so we rated it the # 1 app.

PalmerBet Mobile – App Rated # 2

This app is also compatible with both Android and iOS devices but is incompatible with iPads and Android tablets. This constitutes a major flaw as it implies the app can only be accessed by mobile phone users. iOS devices can easily download the app from the App Store but not as simple for Android as it can only be downloaded from the website.

This mobile app is a major upgrade interface-wise compared to the website, whose interface is not as convenient to navigate. The same features present in the website are present here just in a more presentable fashion. The app is poorly rated in comparison to some other popular betting apps with a mediocre rating of 2.9 on the App Store, this does not tell the full story though as it is still very functional.

Ladbrokes Mobile App – Rated # 3

It has arguably the smoothest user interface of all popular betting apps. The design is sleek and elegant coupled with a reduction in number of options present on the screen at any given time in a bid to reduce ‘overcrowding’ of information which can be hugely discouraging. One major problem associated with this idea though is that since fewer details are present on the screen, the customer has to do a lot more scrolling.

The website also has a good interface, the app just takes it a notch higher. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices but it is extremely difficult to download on Android devices due to its unavailability on Google Playstore.

Ladbroke’s homepage even suggests Android users use the website version as downloading from third party websites exposes the mobile device to several security risks. On the other hand, downloading on the App Store is quite straightforward. Functionality-wise, the website supersedes as some of the bonuses present on the website is absent or extremely difficult to find in the app.

Betfair Mobile App – Rated # 4

Like most other apps, this app is also available for download on Android and iOS devices. Both operating systems also offer an easy means of downloading the app. To download on iOS devices, user can simply visit the App Store. For Androids, the easiest way to get the app is by directly downloading from their website. There is also an opportunity to make use of the web application without needing to download or install on your device.

The interface of the app is not too elegant when compared to the website. The apparent lack of aesthetics pleasance is hugely compensated for in the functionality of the app. Of the popular betting apps, this one is arguably the most functional and there is the added merit of offering almost everything needed for easy navigation on just one frame, this eliminates the redundant back and forth associated with ‘In-play’ betting. Using an iPad is even better than using other mobile iOS devices as it is more responsive and user-friendly.

Neds Mobile App – Rated # 5

This app like most other betting apps can be found on both Androids and iOS devices. To download is for iOS devices is quite straightforward as it can simply be gotten from the App Store, for Androids is on Google Playstore. Its interface, just like the website, is very enticing but is quite functional. In comparison with other betting apps, this app comes up trumps. It marginally edges out its website though. For fans of the brand, the app is a welcome addition to punters.



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