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Hello my name is Julie! I just love to play pokies online for free and real money. My site has how to play & win guides, casino reviews + free pokies games for Kiwis. Enjoy our games with no sign-ups or deposits needed. No matter how you play always be a responsible New Zealand gambler.

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4 Responses to “Autumn Moon Dragon Link Pokies Play Free Spins n’ Wins”

  1. $50 down not to bad Stu

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  2. Oh man that whole line of rabbits on $1 denom would have been like $350 bucks that’s why I always say real
    Men play the one dollar denom and all
    The Stuarts play the pennies

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  3. Yeah We never seem to do any bloody at them
    Do you agree same thing happens to me all the time
    I will win but technically I’ve lost and I got to put more in and then I end up with less?

    It happens to you all the time often you put 200 in and you win 100 but you lost half of it

    It’s so frustrating and stressful

    I mean incredibly we haven’t actually lost a whole lot but we just haven’t had the big hits which is what we want.

    Other people get bigger hits then we do happens all the time to me all we get is the bloody minis all the time which is great but
    For the amount of bonuses we hit it’s rubbish the payout of some of them
    Absolutely pathetic actually that others get more then we do

    I mean We’ve been winning more on the lower bets because when you do the higher bets we loose but there’s a greater chance of winning more but a lesser chance to get it so technically you have odds are not with you but the odds are against you at same time
    It’s a very extremely nerve racking game when your money is on the line like that I agree with you guys there. Do you agree or? So I still disagree with lowering the bets and agree with raising the bets

    I mean I’m not sure if it’s happened here in Australia But I know like over in the US and that people like us and you have betted and have had like over 5k or 100k 50k or ten thousand taken away from them in a matter of minutes now we’re not like that we gamble very responsibly but they do that just to get the big wins which makes me think how stupid put a limit 200 or 300 dollars max.

    And we still do alright on that but the way it works here in Australia is different to over there?
    Similar but different
    Like there is a limit here in Australia or in pubs and clubs to how much money to put on in a time.

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  4. Next time put in 200$ as your starting credit and play machine whose major is below 600. See if that make any difference. 😉

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