10 Responsible Gambling Tips to Learn

Responsible gambling is not just two words or a fancy phrase, it’s actually an important key to success in winning a few bucks and it is also two important words that will help to keep your life a positive one while having a bet.

If you stay a responsible punter on the horses, the sportsbook or when playing the pokies, you will have a much better chance of winning some money, than those who don’t bet with their head.
If you don’t stay on the “road” to responsible gambling you won’t just lose all your money, this will also have a negative effect on your personal, physical and mental health.

Gambling is just another form of entertainment and it can be one of the most expensive forms of entertainment when you don’t follow a set of basic rules. Some of many we list below.

Tip 1. Budget what you can afford. The money that you spend should come from your entertainment budget. That is, money that can be spent with no returns expected or needed. These entertainment funds are considered to be money that is not needed to pay regular bills and important expenses that will negatively affect the life of you and your family.

Tip 2. Only gamble when time permits. The time you spend gambling should not negatively affect your work, your family or your mental or personal health. Being late back from lunch often after playing the pokies at your gaming lounge may just get you fired.

Tip 3. Don’t chase you loses when betting, better to walk away from a gambling session than too continue to chase a loss with more and more bets.

Tip 4. Walk away when you have won a pre-determined amount. If you are happy with wins at a certain level that’s the time to walk away for the day and take the dog for a walk or spend some time with your loved ones.

Tip 5. Only take your set gambling budget funds with you when you visit a gaming lounge or casino and leave your debit or credit cards safely a home.

Tip 6. Don’t use funds from credit cards or borrowed money to place a bet.

Tip 7. Don’t believe all the BS that certain strategies will make you a big winner. All the horse and sports tips either free or paid that you may read are just rubbish when it comes to helping you pick a winner. I laugh at the fact that most sports books now provide all the most in-depth statistics for punters so as they say “these will help you make a winning bet selection” LOL 😊 Past performance is a indicator of future performance that is true, but use tips with the upmost caution. If they were any good the betting companies would not be giving them too you that’s for sure.

Tip 8. Don’t drink alcohol and bet, well a few drinks are fine but don’t gamble when your brain is foggy from a few too many.

Tip 9. You should understand the fine print and terms on marketing promotions like “free bets” and “bonus cash” as they really are just an enticement to get you signed up. The betting company only wants to get you signed up and on the hook with all the BS. Don’t believe all the ads on TV that hype up the “gambling experience” of free bets and promotions, these ads are designed by experts in the fields of human traits and they are just trying to push all your emotion buttons. These flashy ads never seem to mention that most people who gamble always loose in the long run.

Tip 10. Buddy Gamble, bet with a friend who understands the above guidelines also and can assist (remind) you on how to stay a responsible gambler at all times.


Stop betting when the entertainment feeling has gone. Gambling can be a fun way to enjoy yourself, it is not a way to earn money or make a living. When you are not having fun while gambling you just may have a problem and you need to seek help at sites like


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